What is the Genius?

The Genius is a quantum biofeedback technology. It gives you the ability to test in many different areas of wellness. Learn about yourself on an energetic level. Unlock emotional blocks and get the information you need to have an edge in life. Next, use the frequencies the Genius finds for you to maximize your transformation. Learn more here: Learning Intensive. Want to see our Genius Packages? See them here.

Quick Start Guide
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We Invite You To Take a Journey With us...

The Genius Biofeedback system can be life changing in many ways. Use frequencies to shift your world in a very positive way. We even invite you to use the program completely for free for 14 days.

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Who can use the Genius?

Anyone who would like to be able to instantly scan for information on vitamins, minerals herbs and much more in minutes can use the Genius. It is used every day by people with no formal training in health for personal use as well as use for use with friends and family. Download the Genius for free today and discover how easy it is to get started.

Learn about a study that was done with the Genius system and how it reduced stress factors in the body.


How do I learn how to use the Genius?

Check out our Learning Intensive and Session Guide. You can also schedule your demonstration scan now and see how the Genius works live with a one on one Genius Demonstrator! There are resources available at our YouTube Channel.  

Want to schedule a personal demonstration scan now? Book a free one on one session today:

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How does it work?

 The Genius Biofeedback system assesses the voice with a proprietary voice engine and interprets it as a frequency for evaluation in the system. The voice is then compared to frequencies programmed into the Genius to give information similar to that of a muscle test. Red and blue scoring items reveal the frequencies that would be best to run today. Simply dragging and dropping the reds and blues into "trays" or balancing areas for 15 minutes a day allows you to get the benefits easily and quickly. Our users have consistently reported feeling more mental clarity, better energy and a deepening experience of sleep at night.

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How do I purchase the Genius?  

We have several packages to choose from. Once you own the Genius with one of these packages, it is yours. There is no monthly or annual fee. All updates created by the developer are given to every owner of the Genius! Our Genius packages are here.

Starter Bundle

$99/month (14 months)

Purchase the Starter Bundle today for just $1397 

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Excel Bundle

$147/month (13 months)

Purchase the Excel Bundle today for just $1897 

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Elite Bundle

$247/month (17 months)

Purchase the Elite Bundle today for just $3997 

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