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Wealth is a Vibration

Learn about things you can do each and every day to magnetize success and financial abundance! Is your success related to the economic state of the world today? Instead of focusing on the outside world events, bring the focus to something within yourself. Your vibrational resonance is the attracting force for all you experience. Learn the ancient energetic secrets and become an effortless money magnet today! 

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The Potato, Rice, Pasta Plan

Experience the greatest benefit from frequencies when your circulation, your digestion and your immune system are supported by nourishing food. Ariel has designed this nutritional program from beginning to end after many years of practice and nutritional research.

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Energy Medicine Course

Have you ever wanted to know the science behind Energy Medicine? When you understand the concepts behind healing with energy, these technologies become even more powerful and available for profound transformation. 

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Affirmational Magic

Have you ever used affirmations as a way to have less pain, heal yourself, manifest a relationship or increase abundance? While these are all possible, what is the most effective way to use affirmations? What is the science behind the use of intention to manifest? This is a fascinating class combining the science behind affirmations, intention and broadcasting frequencies.

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Holistic Dentistry

Want to learn about root canals, best practices for healthy teeth, best products for mineralizing teeth, how your teeth play into our body and emotions? Learn this and more with the Holistic Dentistry Course!

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Blood Sugar and Weight Loss

Learn about the pancreas, blood sugar, weight loss and diabetes. 

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Business Launch Pad

Have you dreamed about making money doing what you already love - using the Genius to change the lives of those around you? The Genius Biofeedback system is one of the easiest to use for a home based bioresonance practice. You can do everything remotely.

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Resolving Autoimmunity

Autoimmunity - Understand the root cause of autoimmunity and what frequencies to use to clear the stress disturbance with this powerful series!

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Endocrine Regeneration

Balance your hormones NOW! Learn about Progesterone and Estrogen Cycling, PCOS, Hormonal cancers, and more.

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Library Creation Course

The Genius Biofeedback system has one profound feature: the ability to create frequency libraries. This includes supplements, herbal remedies, essential oils and much more. You can enter actual Rife frequencies or you can add your entry through the proprietary Archetype Encoding Method. The possibilities are endless!

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Cellular Freedom Technique

Release the Pain of the Past FOR GOOD!

Is the pain of the past holding you back? Do you want to move ahead in life, but find the deeply embedded cellular memories of past traumas just too powerful to overcome? Are you ready to move ahead in your life at light speed when you let these past wounds go? This is a 4 part course that takes you through the process of releasing emotional wounds at a cellular level!

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Healing Chronic Cases

Have you ever wondered what causes cancer? Get the powerful information you need to help people around.

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Heart Health

Learn how to stay heart healthy for life. Includes natural strategies for lowering blood pressure and blood cholesterol.

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Immune + Infections

Work with viruses, bacteria, Lyme and parasites. Learn how the immune system works and how to best support the system.

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Thyroid + Hormones

Learn the secrets to hormonal balance (includes thyroid, adrenals, estrogen and progesterone balance). Learn to use with the Genius. Includes special libraries created just for this course.

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Digestive Health

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Case Solver's Club

Have a case you would like help with? Want processes to help you guide clients and use the Genius to the fullest extent? Then Case Solver's is your club! Exclusive content, processes, and more! 

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