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Commissions apply to any of our Genius packages and are available for the package purchase (first purchase) of that referred person. 

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Affiliate program walk through

**Please note that to get affiliate credit for a sale, you must use your Affiliate link OR notify us at [email protected] that you have someone interested in purchasing the the Genius. This is the best way to make sure the sale is successful.

AFTER a sale is complete, you have 30 DAYS to notify us that someone has purchased that is a referral from you if they have NOT used your link. Otherwise, we are NOT able to offer you the affiliate commission for the sale.

Our Affiliate program pays 20% of the first sale (package) that your referral purchases. For example, if they purchase the Master Frequency Elite package for $5497, your commission is 20% of that or $1099.40. Our program is a direct sales model and pays an excellent commission. You can refer as many people as you would like to! It is not an MLM and does not pay downline or residual commissions on subsequent sales.  

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The tutorial below is for the legacy affiliate program (refersion). You are welcome to use the refersion program. We do however recommend you move to the new affiliate program for better referral tracking and an updated dashboard for you! 

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