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40% Savings: Libraries

Get 40% Savings plus bonuses! Get entered to win prizes. See all our frequency libraries here. All are eligible for the 40% Discount.

20% Savings: Remedy Plates

Get powerful effects with our Triple Layer Plate. Check out our Sacred Remedy Plate. See this video to learn more about the possibilities of a Remedy Plate.

40% Savings: Practitioner Courses and more

You may want to check out our Business LanchPad to start your Genius Practice, our Potatoes, Rice, Pasta to feel better in your body (and lose a few pounds). Join our Library Creation Course or heal from past traumas with our Cellular Freedom Technique course. All course we have are now 40% Discount during our 4th of July Special. Check out our courses here.

20% off Terahertz Tech.

The Terahertz Core Box technology is a powerful leap ahead of the terahertz wand technology. It incorporates both red and blue light as well as a unique Quantum Energy Chip.