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Library Creation Course - Create Libraries with High Impact

The Genius Biofeedback system has one profound feature: the ability to create frequency libraries. This includes supplements, herbal remedies, essential oils and much more. You can enter actual Rife frequencies or you can add your entry through the proprietary Archetype Encoding Method. The possibilities are endless! Create as many libraries as you wish with your system. Anyone who wants to create libraries for personal use or to eventually offer them for sale can get tremendous benefit from this course! 

Library possibilities include: 

  • Creating a library for your favorite supplements
  • Combining a group of remedies through the Remedy Plate and importing a unique frequency
  • Turning affirmations into powerful whole body frequencies
  • Imprinting the energetics of Essential Oils 
  • Imprinting the energetics of gemstones
  • Combining the energies of nutrition, affirmations, Rife frequencies and more into one library for a singular goal
  • Look at different conditions and include the aspects of how the condition is created in an "assessment" library
  • Secret places to find Rife frequencies, numbers and words that have superior power and meaning and can be used in your libraries. 
  • Create new libraries that bring you abundance, miracles, more vitality. Truly this library creation process is the wish-fulfilling tree! 

...and so much more! 

Be part of our Libraries Creation Course.