Practitioner Level 5 - Weight Loss and Blood Sugar Balance

Learn about the pancreas, blood sugar, weight loss and diabetes
You can see the libraries included in Practitioner training here:  
Session 1 - Pancreatic Insulin and Diabetes - Understand what insulin does, how the pancreas becomes burned out. Learn the true cause of diabetes and what to do to prevent or even reverse it (Diabetes Type 2).
Session 2 - Metabolic Syndrome and Food Solutions - What are the risks involved with the Pre-Diabetes condition called Metabolic Syndrome? Learn how to stop this dangerous metabolic state in its tracks!
Session 3 - Weight Balancing - Strategies, Frequencies, Stem Cells and more
Biofeedback Clinic Cases 1
Session 4 - Weight Loss Programs: Lifestyle and Biofeedback Programs
Biofeedback Clinic Cases 2
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